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 EV Cable Manufacturer

bulk cableAs a cutting edge manufacturer, Systems Wire and Cable is proud to announce its new UL approvals for   EVT (600v) and EVJT (300v) cable in jackets styles ranging from 60° C to 105° C. Our engineers at Systems Wire and Cable, in keeping up with the increasing demand for green technology, have successfully satisfied the Bulk Cable Requirement for the growing need of public, as well as private, Electric Vehicle Charging Stations.

After observing the hostile work environment of these cables, our EV Battery Charging Cable is engineered to withstand the harshest physical environment, temperature extremes and chemical exposure, all while retaining maximum coil memory and flexibility for trouble free service.

Our superior engineering and manufacturing capability will benefit EV Charging Stations and Auto Manufactures alike as well as many associated fields, providing the best balance between cost and longevity in our Electric Vehicle Power Cables. Systems Wire can provide your Electric Vehicle Cable products in bulk footage, or for a value added charge, can furnish retractable EV Charging Cables for one stop shopping.

Electric Car Charging
Electric Power Cable Charging

Please contact our experienced EV Cable professionals with your requirements and allow Systems Wire and Cable to be your EVT / EVJT partner. We're pleased to help you navigate the complex field of Electric Vehicle Industry standards to provide our customers with Electric Vehicle Recharging Cables that not only meet, but exceed industry standards.

Registered C UL US



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